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As a pre-medical student you will typically follow the Lindenwood curriculum for one of the following: a bachelor of science degree in biological science, a bachelor of science degree in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry, or a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Any of these degrees will get you the prerequisite coursework that you need to be a good candidate for application to a medical school.  These courses include:

  • General Chemistry with lab: two semesters
  • General Biology with lab: two semesters
  • Physics: two semesters
  • Organic Chemistry: two semesters
  • English: two semesters
  • Students must also complete an entrance test (MCAT, GRE, DAT or OAT).

Many health professions schools require or strongly recommend other courses such as biochemistry, cell/molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, statistics, calculus, humanities, fine arts, and social science. Students who want to prepare themselves for admission to one of these professional programs should meet with a biology or chemistry advisor before planning their first semester schedule.

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