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Earning a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science or Exercise Science 

Lindenwood University offers a 3+3 degree program in association with Logan College of Chiropractic. Essentially, students follow the Lindenwood curriculum for a Bachelor of Science in biological science or exercise science.

If the student is accepted into Logan College after the third year at Lindenwood, the student will transfer to Logan for the fourth year. After completing the first year of study at Logan, the student will earn the Bachelor of Science in biological sciences or exercise science from Lindenwood University. Two additional years of study at Logan College are required to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Students who are interested in this program must work closely with an academic advisor in order to complete the curriculum requirements in the prescribed sequence.

Students should also contact Logan College by the second year at Lindenwood to obtain updated information on admission and application requirements.

Pre-Chiropractic Faculty at Lindenwood University

The biological and exercise science faculty at Lindenwood University are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and always ready to help you out. They are professionals in the field and experienced educators, ready and willing to pass on their knowledge of the field to you. They are accessible, which makes it convenient and easy to reach them whenever you have questions. The small class sizes ensure that you, as a Lindenwood University student, are afforded the attention and instructional time you deserve.