College of Education and 人类服务

St. 查尔斯,莫. / St. 路易斯,莫.
领导力(EdD)与 课程 & 教学重点

St. 查尔斯,莫. / St. 路易斯,莫.
领导力(EdD)与 课程 & 教学重点

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Total credit hours might be more depending on how soon students successfully defend dissertations.

Doctor of Education (EdD) offered in Online formats.

领导力(EdD)与 课程 and 指令 强调 

课程 & instruction focuses on leadership in teaching, learning, and development and does not lead to certification. 这圣. Louis EdD degree is intended for individuals with initial leadership experience, seeking to fill curriculum and instruction roles in school districts, 高等教育, or those in a corporate or government training setting. Graduates with an emphasis in curriculum & instruction secure positions as curriculum coordinators, 指导教练, 企业培训师, and university/college professors. 课程 & instruction emphasis offered at the Lindenwood St. 查尔斯/圣. 路易校园, includes 15 credit hours in addition to the core coursework focused on curriculum design and assessment, global and social perspectives in teaching and learning, 政策, 政治, and issues of 社会正义. All coursework aligns with the 领导, EdD conceptual framework domains: human centricity, 组织变革, 股本, 道德, 社会正义, 和技术.

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Three Year 课程 Plan

EDA78100 Creative Courage
EDA78200 Principles of Design Thinking

EDA76100 领导, Ethics and Education
EDA78500 American Education

EDA78300 领导 Theory and Application
EDA78400 Leading Organizational Change

EDA77700 Research Design, Methods and Ethics in Educational Research
EDA77800 Applied Qualitative Research Methods

EDA78700 课程 and 指令, Assessment and Evaluation
EDA78910 Problem of Practice I

EDA76200 Educational Policy, Politics and Social Justice
Global and Social Perspectives: Revisioning 课程 & 指令

EDA77900 Applied Quantitative Research Methods
EDA78920 Problem of Practice II

EDA78600 Leading in the Digital Age
EDA78900 Problem of Practice III

课程 & 指令 - Teacher Ed