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Art and Design (BFA) with emphasis in Photography

Art and Design (BFA) with emphasis in Photography

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) offered in On-campus and Online formats.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design with an emphasis in Photography prepares students for a variety of careers in the field. Beginning with strong foundational principles of design in related fields, and how to apply them in videography, 网页设计, 和更多的, students then move on to the advanced study in the field of photography specifically. The degree is ideal for students who wish to delve deeply into the field and prepare a professional portfolio to enter into a career directly after graduation. As with the other BFA programs, the emphasis in Photography focuses on creativity, 解决问题, project development and teamwork, and mastery of technique and craftsmanship, while providing the interdisciplinary perspective necessary to succeed in today's art and design fields.