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Art and Design (BFA) with emphasis in Digital Art

Art and Design (BFA) with emphasis in Digital Art

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) offered in On-campus and Online formats.


Graphic designers have the ability to create a new visual reality with digital imaging, 插图, 和摄影. 的y develop visual concepts with computer software, using their skills to design and layout advertisements, 宣传册, 企业报告, 杂志.

BFA in Art and Design with an Emphasis in Digital Art provides the format and tools that allow traditional fine arts students to work in digital media. With a firm foundation in the theories and techniques of studio art, digital art majors will be provided the software skills necessary to thrive in the digital art and design industries.

You'll study art history, learn about two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, study drawing and digital photography in an online-hybrid setting.

What can you do with a degree in Digital Art from 澳门威尼斯人平台官网?

Digital Art careers include Art director, 设计总监, 编辑设计师, 艺术家, graphic designer for advertising agencies, 杂志, 出版社, television stations or studios or movie studios, 营销经理, 多媒体设计师, 网页设计师, 标志设计, 网页设计师.