Study Strategies

Study Strategies


Note-taking Tips

如果做得不好,记笔记会变成一件苦差事. 你记笔记的技巧如何? 你怎么记笔记? 想想以下几点:

  • 组织——你能找到每节课的笔记吗?
  • 易读——你能读懂你写的东西吗?
  • Understanding - when you read your notes back, do you understand them? 你能给另一个学生解释一下吗?
  • 风格——你如何记笔记? 你会高亮,缩写,使用页边距吗?

有很多关于记笔记技巧的好例子. 下面是一些记笔记的方法. 每个都试一试,看看你更喜欢哪个.

The value of note taking is that it organizes and clarifies what you read and what you hear. It allows you to summarize what you have absorbed and then reflect, connect ideas, fill in the gaps, and address questions or concerns over ideas or concepts that are not understood.

Reading Tips

你的阅读能力如何? 你认识到要点了吗? Are you able to successfully summarize what you have just read? Do you stop and highlight instead of reading through the assignment first?

Reading assignments can be daunting if not approached in the right mindset. Read your homework thoroughly before taking notes and highlighting. When you have read through the material, then go back and highlight and review. 

To get more out of your reading assignment, try these tips:

  • 在做笔记之前通读你的文本作业
  • Begin reading by:
    • 预览引言和结论
    • 复习所有的标题
    • 阅读作业

阅读完材料后,回去做笔记. At this point, you will have touched the material three times by previewing/overview, reading, and taking notes. This repetition will increase your comprehension of the material.

Reading can become a detriment if your reading speed is slow. 我们阅读的平均速度是每分钟150-250个单词. Test your reading speed by reading for one minute and then counting your words. This exercise will give you an idea of how slow or fast you read.


  • Put your hand physically on the page and use your fingers as a guide as you read. 这将给你一个视觉参考. Of course, this takes practice but should help build your speed by 20-30 percent as well as give you increased focus and comprehension.
  • Read for 20 minutes and then stop, marking the spot where you finished reading. Then, re-read for 10 minutes trying to get to the same finishing point. You will notice the speed of your reading has increased along with your concentration. 就像所有的事情一样,这是必须实践的. Try this every day for two weeks to notice a difference.

Online reading can be more difficult and much slower than reading from a text. If you are having difficulty reading from a website, try the following:

  • Adjust the brightness of your screen so you are not squinting to read.
  • Try 要学会提高阅读速度.

Remember, the most important aspect of reading for understanding is to allow yourself enough time. Do not rush, give yourself time to read, organize, and review.


备考是一个令人畏惧的过程. 准备是学习成功的关键. To start:

  • 了解你的考试时间
  • Know where your exam will take place (online or in the classroom)
  • 为考试制定一个学习计划
  • 明确考试将涵盖多少章
  • 决定你需要学习的天数

首先概述一下你的笔记. Determine what are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the knowledge of the material. 记录你的知识:

Strong Moderate Weak
Information you know completely (total confidence) and do not need to spend much time reviewing. 你不太确定但需要复习的信息. Information you have not retained and need to spend additional time reviewing.

When preparing to study, try the following tips to assist you along the process. Some of these ideas can be started well before it is time to study to make your exam preparation easier and less stressful.

创建学习清单dentify all of the material that you believe will be on the exam--list notes, formulas, ideas, 还有布置给你们的文字作业. This checklist will enable you to break your studying into organized, manageable chunks, which should allow for a comprehensive review plan with minimal anxiety.

创建总结笔记和“地图” outline the important ideas of the course and the relationships of these ideas. Summary notes should display lists and hierarchies of ideas. Creativity and a visual framework will help you recall these ideas.

Record your notes and significant portions of text on your phone so you can review material. Having a recording of important information will enable you to study while walking or relaxing in a nonacademic environment.

Create flashcards for definitions, formulas, or lists that you need to have memorized--put topics on one side of the card, 另一边的答案. Flashcards will enable you to test your ability to not only recognize important information, but also your ability to retrieve information from scratch. Tip: if you prefer online flashcards, try StudyBlue or Quizlet.

你的考试包括几个章节, 以及你对材料的熟悉程度, 会决定你应该学习多长时间. 最好把你的学习分成几天. Start a week before, especially if you have multiple exams, and take your time. 学习时,拖延症是真实存在的. Tip: set the timer on your phone or computer for 30 minutes and devote that time to studying for your test. 消除干扰. When 30 minutes is up take a break then repeat the process. By getting rid of distractions and concentrating in shorter increments will help you retain the material you are studying.

如果你在几天内循序渐进地学习, the night before the exam you should only have to briefly review your material to be prepared for your exam.

For more information about different exam strategies, please visit our Testing Strategies page.

For information about time-management strategies, please see our 时间管理指南 page.


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