Lindenwood Student Complaint Procedure

Lindenwood Student Complaint Procedure


As a student-centered university, Lindenwood takes your complaints and concerns seriously and has put this process in place to ensure that complaints are addressed appropriately and in a timely manner.


For these purposes, a complaint is defined as dissatisfaction or disagreement with a decision or action that involves University process, procedure, or interaction and affects a current student of the University. Additionally, any individual who was a student but who has graduated or otherwise left the University may also use this complaint process if the act being reported occurred while the individual was a student.

Complaints covered by University policies already in place are excluded from this process. You should consult the University policy for specific complaint procedures pertaining to that area.

Concerns or Complaints Relating To

Financial Aid Appeals

Refund Appeals

Grade Appeals

Academic Suspension Appeals



Where/How to File Your Complaint

We encourage you to try to resolve your complaint through an informal process, by discussing your complaint directly with the person or persons involved in the issue. Contact the Student Ombudsperson for problem resolution assistance and resources. If the issue is not, or cannot be, resolved satisfactorily through informal discussion, then you may submit a written complaint to complaints@p-l-ove.net. Once submitted, the information will be reviewed and addressed in a timely manner.

In order to facilitate an effective review, complaints should include:

  • Your name, student ID, and contact information;
  • A brief description of the complaint or concern;
  • Any attempt(s) you have made to resolve the matter informally; and
  • The desired outcome regarding the complaint.

If an issue cannot be resolved internally, you may file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Higher Education. The MDHE process can be found at http://dhe.mo.gov/policies/.